1. You can participate in the QADSAN Bounty program with only 1 social network account. One person — one social media account.

2. Repost our news on your social networks (repost+like+comment):

- Each day you can publish 1 repost from our groups in your social networks…

Dear ELGOOG token-shares holders,

ELGOOG Virtual company #1 announces the consolidation (Reverse Split) of token-shares at a ratio of 100:1 with a simultaneous increase in the price of a token-share by 100 times.

That is, every 100 token-shares in your Stellar address are converted to one, and their value will…

1.Since this news is released, the QADSAN token is not more pegged to the US dollar. The token price is only determined by the market and can both rise and fall.

2. QADSAN token holders have the right to vote for the development of the project with their tokens, thus…

Get QADSAN token-shares for FREE and earn PROFIT!

QADSAN Token-Shares Market Game

Dear friends,

Very soon, the always growing token-shares of the QADSAN game market will be available to everyone, but for now we give everyone who subscribed to our social networks bonuses that you can convert to token-shares of QADSAN gaming companies after launching the game.

For each subscription, we give…


QADSAN Token-Shares Market Game DOUBLE YOUR MONEY EVERY MONTH? Trade always growing virtual companies token-shares on Stellar and Binance Blockchain

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