Add custom QADSAN token and token-shares to your SOLANA wallet.

2 min readAug 2, 2022


How to add a custom token to SOLANA wallet.

To connect to the QADSAN wallet and trade token-shares you need to install one of the official SOLANA wallets. We recommend installing the most popular solution to date in the form of an extension for the browser Phantom Wallet.

1. Please install the Phantom extension in your Chrome and other compatible browsers;

2. Come up with a seed phrase and password for the Phantom wallet;

3. Login to wallet;

4. Top up your wallet with some amount of SOL cryptocurrency for paying fees. You need to have at least 0.02652 SOL (≈$1.2) to activate all QADSAN tokens.
Top up a little more to pay fees for the future, they are very low in SOLANA;

5. After topping up your wallet, click the “Manage token list”;

6. In the search field, click “+”;

7. Add the required data for each QADSAN token:

Name: QADSAN Token
Symbol: QDSN
Mint address: F7gkyp1DNKakygEMcSBuh1TbeFiajHbQ9HBrxkyTDcTW

Name: ELGOOG Ordinary Company N1
Symbol: GGL
Mint address: DeZXTzz9EzRn2vFxRsE3izRuqxqQL3N7upX3hkqxQA9r

Name: LAPYAP Ordinary Company N2
Symbol: PPL
Mint address: 3wNZ2fgcsPFWaHRhNQCngdBnrHFrtogTAzRzEvNDCahJ

Name: EKIN Ordinary Company N3
Symbol: NIK
Mint address: 3EekHdT129vScaf3WvEEw3TeWWebXStYpVF1NEdhTu3u

Name: TFOSORCIM Ordinary Company N4
Symbol: MCR
Mint address: GG8uk2sUhQHGVZRBSAYNdRLGzW6oCzxPussXkceGXfe9

Name: ISPEP Ordinary Company N5
Symbol: PPS
Mint address: 9HHeLrXHirKrSec8rcmLzpmjKoooc2NitVXPYem5KJyM

Name: ASIV Ordinary Company N6
Symbol: VIS
Mint address: 5cwxhKrNk5QRobgi8ubbdDrAFZoiFm956BskK8e6c1ye

Name: MARGELET Ordinary Company N7
Symbol: TEL
Mint address: FkER88dQ3PPik45qDgmWmWM5hXkEi9QcgK6p31tQk483

Name: KOOBECAF Privileged Company N8
Symbol: FAC
Mint address: GSXQ7pZ6uoHqHMSDbY3z9dLaL15JMQLJMP2xPm81jtzr

Name: ELPPA High-yield Company N9
Symbol: APP
Mint address: 8QfM9iY4RCdw2Aw43UJXzRibmp1SUiG51Jz8ALobqNAu

Name: ALSET High-yield Company N10
Symbol: TES
Mint address: 6At5k6EoVkU2huAjzsULdfpf9BaZK9cdQNGGgCGYQzNz

Name: NOZAMA Reward Company
Symbol: AMZ
Mint address: 3kGdUhLYVYBzSgQH7qUBx5yGHrYXHFubvpb3FXUiqTt9

Name: QADSAN-10 Composite Index
Symbol: INDEX
Mint address: Gcu8Fhv9egdAQsDCwWXSwVMrrvrgUAMxe26uFDtgTR3A

You will see all QADSAN assets all after receiving them.

GOOD LUCK Everyone!👍




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