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We are delighted to announce the launch of our exciting new game “QADSAN Hash Match” for all members of our Telegram community. This game will not only increase your interest in participating in our staking program but also offers the chance to win impressive prizes!

How to Play:
1. Participation: Every day, send any QADSAN-related hash to our Telegram group, whether it’s a hash from receiving dividends, buying token shares, acquiring QADSAN tokens, or even token transfers.
2. Pattern Creation: Every day, we will generate a numerical pattern (e.g., “3456”) before the distribution of bonus dividends and announce it later in the day, creating intrigue and anticipation.
3. Matching the Hash: Compare this pattern with the sequence of numbers in your hash. If you find an exact match or the closest to it, you could be the winner of the day.
Closest Match: If no exact match is found, the winner is determined by the largest number of matching digits in the correct order. For example, if the pattern is “3456”, then “345” or “456” will be considered the closest match.
4. Result Publication: Post a screenshot of the match in the group to confirm your win.

Progressive Jackpot:
If no winner is determined during the day, the prize pool increases and is carried over to the next day, creating an opportunity to win even more!

The daily winner will receive a dividend, indicated in the hash, multiplied by 10–50. The multiplier is announced along with the numerical pattern.
If you become the holder of the Jackpot, you win the entire accumulated prize!

Game Start:
QADSAN Hash Matchstarts today!
Join the game with any QADSAN hash transaction and get a chance to win daily prizes and a progressive Jackpot!

Join QADSAN, participate in the game, and get the opportunity to win more than you expected!

QADSAN — Innovations in the world of virtual finance! 📈

Clarification of “QADSAN Hash Match” Rules

In the “QADSAN Hash Match” game, besides searching for an exact match of the numerical pattern with your hash, there’s also the possibility to choose a winner based on the closest match. Here’s how it works:

Closest Match:
1. If none of the participants finds an exact match of the numerical pattern (e.g., “3456”) in their hash, we move on to determine the closest match.

2. Sequence of Digits: The closest match is determined by comparing the sequence of digits in the hash with the announced pattern. For example, if the pattern is “3456”, and a participant’s hash has a sequence like “3465” or “5436”, it will be considered the closest match.

- In the sequence “3465”, the digits “346” match with “345” from the pattern “3456”, but the last digit differs.
- In the sequence “5436”, the digits “3”, “4”, and “6” are present from the pattern “3456”, but they are not in the correct order.

Thus, the sequence “3465” is considered the closest match compared to “5436” because it has three digits in the same order as in the given pattern, with one differing digit at the end. It’s important to note that in this example, the key factor is not just the number of matching digits, but also their order in the sequence.

3. Degree of Matching: The winner is the participant with the largest number of matching digits in the correct order. For example, a match of “345” or “456” will have priority over “356” or “346”.

4. Determining the Winner: If several participants have the same degree of matching, the winner is the one who first published their hash in the group.

Additional Note: In cases where the hash results in a tie, the unique Polygon address of each participant will be used as an additional identifier to distinguish the participants.

These rules ensure that even if an exact match is not found, participants still have a chance to win, making the game more exciting and dynamic.

QADSAN Hash Jackpot Progressive Prize

1. Start of Accumulation: If no one finds an exact match with the numerical pattern announced in the game on a particular day, the prize for that day is not paid out, but its size is carried over to the next day.

2. Increasing the Jackpot: Each day, when no winner is determined, the prize amount increases, accumulating until someone wins.

3. Big Win: When a participant finally finds an exact match with the pattern (or the closest to it), they win the entire accumulated prize — the Jackpot. The winner receives all recorded dividends paid out to them in the past, multiplied by a factor of 10–50, as accumulated over the previous days.

4. Announcement of the Winner: The Jackpot winner is announced in the Telegram group, and the prize is paid out in accordance with the game rules.

5. Start of a New Cycle: After the Jackpot is paid out, the game starts anew with the initial prize amount.

This mechanism adds an element of long-term anticipation and strategy to the game, as participants may choose to participate every day in hopes of winning the big Jackpot. It also encourages constant participation and involvement in group activities.




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