PROMO: Make any BUY-SELL trades with QADSAN token-shares and get up to 50 KARMA-points! (Updated 01.03.2022)

From the moment this news was released, when you BUY and SELL any token-shares paired with QADSAN token, you get increased KARMA.


1. During a day, it is necessary to make at least 25 trades (from 11/03/2022) with any one token-share (you can buy and after some time sell a token-shares — this is not prohibited).

2. The number of KARMA points is unlimited — if you want to Earn MORE, just make any number of trades during the day and get KARMA points for each.

2. After completing a trade, you have to send a screenshot of your transaction to the QADSAN Telegram chat along with a link to the transaction (to get a link, please use

3. The amount of KARMA points paid for trades with QADSAN token:

- 4 KARMA points for any trade from 100 QADSAN tokens;
- 10 KARMA points for any trade from 500 QADSAN tokens;
- 14KARMA points for the purchase of token-shares from 1,000 QADSAN tokens;
- 16 KARMA points for the purchase of token-shares from 5,000 QADSAN tokens;
- 18 KARMA points for the purchase of token-shares from 10,000 QADSAN tokens.
- 25 KARMA points for the purchase of token-shares from 25,000 QADSAN tokens.
- 35 KARMA points for the purchase of token-shares from 50,000 QADSAN tokens.

Get a maximum of 50 KARMA points.

In addition, since February 5, you can trade the INDEX token with an additional premium of +50% to the regular rates.

1 KARMA point = 10 QADSAN token

4. At the beginning of the next month, KARMA points will be paid to your Stellar-address in the form of token-share in the amount of trades made by you.

Benefits of trading directly through official QADSAN/Token-shares pairs:

1. Since QADSAN is an official pair for all token-shares of the QADSAN market game, it is much more convenient;

2. You can place orders within the minimum spreads (the difference between the buy-sell prices) between the traded pairs;

3. KARMA points paid for trades with QADSAN token are up to 10 times higher than for a pair with XLM;

4. On your QADSAN tokens, weekly dividends are paid in the form of token-shares of virtual companies 1–7 (usually in the amount of 2% or more of the value of your QADSAN tokens).
Don’t forget to have QADSAN tokens on your Stellar address on Monday in order to receive dividends on Tuesday.

5. QADSAN tokens is always liquid, at any time you can sell them for XLM with almost zero spread, as well as on the Qadsan Swap. More pairs will be added later.

6. Your winnings in the QADSAN game are practically unlimited, and the maximum loss in one round is a maximum of 20% — at any time you can sell your token-shares and exit the game.

More players BUY — the price of token-shares goes up, more players SELL — the price of token-shares goes down.*

For all your previous trades in November with QADSAN token, you will be credited with KARMA points in accordance with the terms of this PROMO.

The purpose of this PROMO is to activate the QADSAN token-shares market in anticipation of the appearance of new participants.

As before, you can make trades in pairs with XLM and receive 1 KARMA point per trade.

The validity of the PROMO is until June 1, 2022 inclusive. After summing up, the PROMO will be extended.

ATTENTION: it is forbidden to split screens!
If such transactions are detected, this will be considered a boost of KARMA points, and all accruals will be canceled!

QADSAN reserves the right to change these conditions at any time, after notifying the participants of the Promo.

Good Luck to Everyone — Play & Win with QADSAN!💵💵💵

*No more than 20% in one round.



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