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Virtual Companies in QADSAN

1. GGL (Global Gaming Ltd.): Specializes in the development and sale of virtual games and gaming accessories.

2. PPL (Pure Power Ltd.): Engages in the production and sale of virtual energy sources, such as solar panels and wind turbines.

3. NIK (Nano Innovations Kinetics): Works in the field of nanotechnology, creating virtual materials and components for various industries.

4. MCR (Mega Construction & Realty): Responsible for the construction and management of virtual buildings and infrastructure.

5. PPS (Perfect Pharma Solutions): Produces and sells virtual pharmaceutical products and medical equipment.

6. VIS (Virtual Investment Services): A financial company providing virtual investment and brokerage services.

7. TEL (Telecom Enterprises Ltd.): Provides virtual telecommunication services, including internet, mobile communication, etc.

8. FAC (Financial Advisory Corp.): A privileged company offering financial consulting and analytical services.

9. APP (Appetite Technologies): Develops and sells virtual food and beverage products.

10. TES (Tech & Eco Systems): Works in the field of ecology and sustainable development, creating virtual ecosystems and technologies to support them.

Financial Reserve System (FRS)

All these companies can jointly establish the Financial Reserve System (FRS) as a regulatory organization. The FRS will perform the following functions:

1. Currency Regulation: Establishing and maintaining the stability of the game’s main token — QADSAN.

2. Credit Lines: Providing credit lines to virtual companies for expansion and development.

3. Creation of Virtual Banks: Assisting participants in creating and managing virtual banks that will provide loans and other financial services.

4. Monetary Policy: Setting interest rates and other monetary instruments to stimulate or slow down economic activity.

5. Tax Policy: Introducing taxes on company profits, paid in QADSAN tokens, to maintain its rate.

6. Audit and Transparency: Regular auditing of companies’ financial statements and publishing results for participants.

7. Educational Programs: Conducting webinars and training on financial management and investment.

Development of Virtual Companies

1. Investment Projects: Companies can launch various virtual projects to increase their revenue. This could be expansion into new markets, purchasing virtual factories, or research laboratories.

2. Partnerships and Mergers: Companies can enter into partnership agreements, form joint ventures, or even merge to increase capitalization and revenue.

3. Innovations: Introduction of new technologies or services that can be monetized.

4. Marketing and Advertising: Companies can invest in marketing campaigns to attract more investors and increase the value of token shares.

Management of Virtual Companies

1. Running for Presidents and Boards of Directors: Any token-shareholder can run for these positions. Voting is conducted through the blockchain, and each token shareholder has a voting right proportional to their ownership.

2. Quarterly Shareholders’ Meetings: These meetings discuss development strategies, investment plans, and other key issues. Shareholders can propose and vote on various initiatives.

Any token-shareholder can run for these positions. Voting is conducted through the blockchain, and each token shareholder has a voting right proportional to their ownership.

Financial Mechanisms

1. Quarterly Dividends: Companies pay dividends from the profits they generate. This encourages the purchase of token shares and holding them for a long period.

2. Taxes in QADSAN Tokens: Companies pay taxes in the game’s main token, which supports its rate. These taxes can be used to develop the game’s infrastructure or pay dividends.

3. Credit Lines and Investment Funds: Virtual banks can provide loans to companies to finance their projects, adding an additional level of interactivity and strategy.

Social Functions

1. Forums and Chats: Creating social platforms within the game for discussing strategies, advice, and news.

2. Awards and Achievements: Introducing a rewards system for active participation in company management, successful investment strategies, and other achievements.

3. AR/VR Interface: Using augmented and virtual reality technologies for a more immersive experience in the QADSAN metaverse.

Virtual Events and Crises

1. Economic Cycles: The game can simulate economic cycles affecting income and the value of company token shares. This adds realism and requires players to be flexible in their strategy.

2. Corporate Scandals: From time to time, “corporate scandals” may occur, temporarily reducing the value of token shares. This creates opportunities for “buying low” and adds drama to the game.

3. Risk of Hostile Takeover or Sudden Resignation: There is a risk of hostile takeover of a company or sudden resignation of the president due to a scandal. Shareholders may have to fight off raiders.

4. Mergers and Acquisitions, Secret Deals, and Insider Information Leaks: Opportunities for special operations related to mergers and acquisitions (M&A), secret deals, and insider information leaks. This opens up significant possibilities for speculation.

5. Risk of Collapse and Bankruptcy: There is a risk that a company may go bankrupt if shareholders are unable to manage it effectively. However, there is also a chance to rebuild everything from scratch.

Gamification and Quests

1. Company Quests: Companies can launch temporary missions or quests, the completion of which will be rewarded with additional token shares or other bonuses.

2. Personal Achievements: Players can earn badges and medals for in-game achievements, for example, for the first successful transaction, for participation in management, and so on.

Virtual Tourism and Socialization

1. Virtual Offices and Buildings: Players can visit the virtual offices of companies they have invested in, using AR/VR technologies. There they can meet other shareholders, discuss strategies, and even conduct virtual events.

2. Social Clubs: Creation of virtual clubs and communities where players can share experiences, strategies, and even create their own investment funds.

Special Events and Tournaments

1. Trading Wars: Regular tournaments where players compete for the best investment portfolio. Winners receive significant bonuses.

2. Seasonal Events: Special events during holidays or significant dates, with unique investment opportunities and special rewards.

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