QADSAN Important News: exchange of old tokens for new ones, withdrawal of bonus profits and much more!

4 min readOct 29, 2021

1. As part of the refinement of the beta version of the QADSAN market game, all project tokens, except for the NOZAMA token, are subject to exchange for newly issued ones, including the QADSAN token and all token-shares of companies №1–10.

2. QADSAN tokens and token-shares of virtual companies №2–10 will be converted to the same new tokens with a ratio of 1:1.

3. Token-shares of virtual company №1 ELGOOG will be converted with a ratio of 10:1 (10 old token-shares will be exchanged for 1 new token-share) with a simultaneous increase in the official BUY-SALE prices by 10 times.
This is done to reduce the price spread (the difference between the buy-sell prices paired with XLM) and, accordingly, the most liquid trading in these token-shares.

4. The total number of ELGOOG token-shares has also been reduced by 10 times and amounts to 190,000,000,000 ELGOOG tokens.

5. All holders of new token-shares №1–10 will receive plus 5% of the conversion amount as compensation for the forced anxiety and time spent on the exchange.

6. In addition, all participants who send their old tokens for redemption to the address of the issue of the corresponding token will receive an additional NOZAMA token-share in the amount of 10,000 tokens each. NOZAMA tokens allow you to bet on the growth and fall of prices of other token-shares and earn up to 100% per day. Details of the rates coming soon.

7. All new tokens will be sent to your specified Stellar address in your profile.
The most convenient way to receive new tokens in the wallet is in the Pending payments tab — just click on the corresponding token and click the Accept and Claim button, after which the new tokens will be transferred to your wallet.

8. First of all, new QADSAN tokens are sent to all wallets registered in QADSAN profiles — after the redemption of these old tokens, all other token-shares will be credited one after another.

9. The deadline for claiming new QADSAN tokens is 3 days from the moment they were sent to the participants’ wallets, all unclaimed tokens will be returned back. To obtain them, you will need to contact support.

10. In the personal profile of, an additional field is available for the multisig Stellar address required to receive the NOZAMA token and other token-shares of the project within the QADSAN Bounty program.

11. From the moment of the news release, you can withdraw the accumulated profit from bonuses to your Stellar wallets. The standard withdrawal time is 24 hours, but at first, due to the large volume of applications, the period was increased to 3 days. Also, this period is required to check for multi-accounts.

12. Mandatory requirement: to participate in QADSAN, you must indicate in your personal account your current Telegram account registered in the official QADSAN group and your Stellar or Binance wallet.

13. The official wallets of the game are only the wallets specified in your profile, project tokens are not credited to other wallets, including for the exchange of previously purchased “unofficially” tokens. In the absence of these mandatory data, the player loses the ability to withdraw bonuses, exchange and receive new tokens, as well as make any claims to the project.
This requirement is due to the need to pass the minimum KYC for all participants in the game.

14. IMPORTANT: To receive the following accruals of token-shares, you need to indicate in your Profile on the your current Telegram account registered in the official QADSAN group, as well as send to the issuance address all old tokens, in exchange for which you have already received new ones.

All improvements in the project are carried out in order to maintain stability and preserve the dynamics of the game, as well as to maintain prices for QADSAN token-shares.

We recommend opening a trustlines for new tokens in the wallet: Accept assets tab by entering the site name in the search field — as a result, you will see only new tokens of the QADSAN game.

A snapshot of the blockchain for QADSAN tokens was taken at 00:00 UTC time on 10/29/2021, after the release of this news, we ask you not to carry out any transactions with old QADSAN tokens, there will be no more accrual for them.

Thank You All, Play and Win with QADSAN!




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