QADSAN Karma Weekly Lottery: 40% of last month!

Dear participants of QADSAN market game!

We are pleased to inform you of the launch from 16.02 weekly lottery: QADSAN Karma Weekly Lottery — 40% of last month!

Lottery conditions:

1. The lottery prize pool is 40% of the total Karma accrued for the last month to all participants, which amounts to 18,512,519.072 LAPYAP for the next month.

2. Accrual within 4 weeks (10% or 4,628,129.768 LAPYAP per week).

3. All active participants of the PROMO: Make any BUY-SELL trades…

4. You have to make at least 15 trades every 24 hours in order to participate.

5. Every 15 subsequent trades (1 step) increases your chances of winning the lottery-in other words, the lottery will be won by the one who makes the maximum number of trades and steps, and who has the most Karma.


- if you make 15 trades every day or 450 trades in a month — you already have a chance to participate in the lottery;
- if you make 30 trades — your chance is doubled;
- if you make 45 trades — your chance has tripled;
- and so on with each step of 15 trades.

If you don’t get just one trade in a day to the full step, you stay at the level of the previous step.
However, you can increase your trades the next day or any other day before the lottery drawing begins, and thus increase your chances of participating.

6. The final lottery draw consists of:

a) 5 participants with the maximum amount of Karma

b) 5 participants with the maximum number of trades

c) 5 participants with the maximum number of steps

Any participant can enter each of the 3 levels, the chance of such participant to win a prize also increases proportionally!

7. Prize Distribution:

1st Prize — 60% (2,776,877.861 LAPYAP);
2nd Prize — 30% (1,388,438.93 LAPYAP);
3rd Prize — 10% (462,812.9768 LAPYAP).

8. Trades held from 00.00 UTC Monday until 00.00 UTC Sunday are eligible for the lottery.

9. After that, on Sunday there is a selection of participants which meet the lottery parameters, and among them there is a live drawing on QADSAN’s partner Youtube channel!

The more trades and Karma you made last month, the higher the prize pool for the following month!

All participants who did not win any prizes in the lottery, but made at least 15 transactions per day will receive extra Karma for participating in the lottery! The amount of Karma will be announced later.

QADSAN reserves the right to change the conditions of the lottery at any time with prior notice.

We wish everyone the best of luck!!!🏆💵✌️

P.S. All Sunday trades go to next Sunday’s drawing!



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