QADSAN presents the QADSAN-10 Composite Index (INDEX) and INDEX token

QADSAN-10 Composite Index (INDEX)

In order to assess the behavior of all 10 token-shares of QADSAN Market Game (that is, the dynamics of the game as a whole), QADSAN launches an Index that allows you to evaluate the course of the entire process of the market game.

What is the QADSAN-10 Index?

QADSAN-10 Composite Index (INDEX) is a QADSAN Token-shares Market Game daily published composite index calculated based on 10 token-shares prices. This means that each company’s token-shares affects the Index in proportion to its share of the Index. At the end of each round (trading session) QADSAN index calculates the market value of all 10 token-shares.

How is the QADSAN-10 Index calculated?

QADSAN-10 index is calculated as simple arithmetic average: market prices of all 10 token-shares included in the Index are summed up and the sum received is divided by the number of token-shares included, i.e. 10. This calculation methodology is used by many of the world’s leading exchanges.

What is an INDEX token?

QADSAN-10 Index, as INDEX token, can be bought and sold because it receives certain price by assigning the price to each change point of its value (each token-shares), so the change of Index value becomes a trading object.

INDEX token

Asset: INDEX
Total supply: 100,000,000,000 INDEX
Asset authorization flags: revocable, clawback_enabled

On February 5, 2022, the daily publication of the Index will begin and everyone will be able to buy and sell an entire basket of 10 token-shares through one INDEX token.

Why is QADSAN-10 Index (INDEX) interesting for players?

QADSAN-10 Index is primarily of interest to players who prefer competent diversification into various QADSAN token-shares. The index itself is an exchange-traded asset, which is realized with an INDEX token.

The index data is calculated from September 1, 2021 from the 100 level. As of February 1, 2022, the Index has increased almost 16 times to 1,590, which means that if you bought all 10 token-shares equally on September 1, your profit today would be 1590%.

01.09.2021 (prices in QADSAN)

ELGOOG — 0.0000125
LAPYAP — 0.0010214
EKIN — 0.0012709
TFOSORCIM — 0.0011265
ISPEP — 0.0011700
ASIV — 0.0012000
MARGELET — 0.0000150
KOOBECAF — 0.013365
ELPPA — 0.0012000
ALSET — 0.0043000

TOTAL sum of products — 0.0246813 QADSAN

INDEX 0.00246813 = 100 as of 01.09.2021

01.02.2022 (prices in QADSAN)

ELGOOG — 0.0132420
LAPYAP — 0.0167145
EKIN — 0.0102380
TFOSORCIM — 0.0325356
ISPEP — 0.0244217
ASIV — 0.0457742
MARGELET — 0.0413969
KOOBECAF — 0.0230862
ELPPA — 0.0111648
ALSET — 0.1984972

TOTAL sum of products — 0.4170711 QADSAN

INDEX 0.04170711 = 1,590 as of 01.02.2022



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