QADSAN Staking: A Profitable Strategy Regardless of Market Fluctuations

2 min readJan 28, 2024


We present to your attention an article about staking QADSAN tokens, which clearly and accurately conveys the key advantages and features of QADSAN staking, as well as emphasizes its resilience to market volatility and potential for profitable investing.

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency investments, QADSAN token staking stands out as an exceptionally lucrative strategy. This article will explore why QADSAN token staking is not just beneficial but also ensures profitability in almost any situation.

Significant Annual Yield from Weekly Dividends

The primary advantage of QADSAN staking lies in its impressive annual yield. With a minimum weekly dividend rate of 3.5% in U.S. dollar equivalent, calculated over 52 weeks, the annual profit, including a 100% annual bonus for purchasing QADSAN tokens with CENTUS, USDT, or Matic, reaches 364%.

Given that this 100% bonus becomes withdrawable at the end of the staking period along with the principal amount, investors effectively recoup their QADSAN token investment right at the start of staking. The 100% bonus doubles your investment, effectively offering a 7% dividend rate per week.

QADSAN staking dividends are paid weekly, providing investors with a constant and stable source of income. Additionally, the daily bonus dividends, averaging over 5% per month, increase the overall return on investment by 60%, totaling an annual yield of no less than 424%.

Profitability in Market Volatility

QADSAN staking stands resilient in the face of market volatility. Even in a hypothetical scenario where the QADSAN token price drops to zero, the staking strategy still ensures profitability. In such a case, the dollar return would exceed the initial investment by more than four times.

No Negative Impact on QADSAN Token Price

High dividend payouts in the case of QADSAN do not exert significant downward pressure on the token’s price at the end of the staking period, as the dividends are paid out in QADSAN token shares, which does not affect the main token’s price. This approach ensures the value of the token is maintained over time.

Extended Staking Periods

QADSAN staking has prolonged time frames, which prevents the simultaneous dumping of tokens on the market at the end of the staking period. Moreover, QADSAN can offer stakeholders bonuses for extending the staking term, considering the principal investment has already been recouped many times over. This approach provides an incentive to extend the staking term and receive additional bonuses.

Conclusion: QADSAN Staking as a Convincing Investment Tool

In conclusion, QADSAN token staking represents a convincing investment tool offering significant returns through weekly and daily dividends. Its structure ensures profitability even amid market fluctuations and maintains the token’s value over the long term. For investors looking for a reliable and profitable project in the cryptocurrency sphere, QADSAN staking is an attractive option, promising stability and high returns.




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