QADSAN token-shares Airdrop for Stellar XLM holders!

Today we are announcing QADSAN token-shares airdrop for Stellar XLM holders.

  1. QADSAN token-shares will be distributed to XLM holders;

Everyone has the chance to participate, even those not currently using Stellar. This snapshot will take place in more than 30 days from now, giving plenty of time for Stellar users to prepare.

Distribution will start no later than August 31, 2022, and we will announce the start date shortly after the snapshot occurs.

How many token-shares will I get by participating in the Airdrop?

The more XLM you have in your wallet at the time the snapshot is taken, the more token-shares you will receive.

Hold a balance of at least 50 XLM and at least 1 any token-share on August 15, 2022.

If you have just one token-share, you will receive your share of that one company’s token-shares. In order to get all 10 token-shares, you need to have at least 1 token-share of each game company.

Every eligible user will receive a share of the 7 billion token-shares allocated for this airdrop. So this pool will be split between the participants proportionally to their balances at the time of the snapshot.
Taking a simple example, a user holding 500 XLM will receive 5 times more token-shares than a user holding 50 XLM.

This also means the exact number of token-shares you will receive will depend not only on your balance but also on the number of participants and their balances at the time of the snapshot.

After the blockchain snapshot, we will increase the rewards for participants who already own token-shares. That being said, the more token-shares you hold, the more rewards you will receive.

How much maximum can I get token-shares?

There is a cap of 10 million token-shares per wallet. No matter how much XLM the wallet holds, the max amount of token-shares received in this airdrop is limited to 10M token-shares.


If you have yXLM in your wallet, you can also participate in Airdrop, yXLM will be treated the same as XLM.
If you are already a yXLM holder, all you need to do is add at least 1 token-share to your wallet balance.

You can learn more using the following links:

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Good Luck Everyone and Welcome to QADSAN Market Game!👍



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