QADSAN Wallet: Lock Your Tokens and Get Weekly Guaranteed Dividends up to 25% per Week!

3 min readFeb 16, 2022

Dear QADSAN market game participants,

We are pleased to announce the launch of a secure and easy-to-use open source wallet that will allow you to not only receive and send your tokens, but also earn dividends by locking (staking) your QADSAN tokens for various periods.

Also, in the near future, you will have other benefits of using the wallet, such as embedded swap, airdrops, liquidity pools, and more. Since the release of the news, QADSAN Wallet participants can lock their QADSAN tokens and participate in the management of the project by voting.


In return, participants receive guaranteed weekly dividends, which are distributed as token-shares from all 10 virtual companies, in addition to the QADSAN token itself.

The more QADSAN tokens are locked, the more votes and dividends you have.

Terms and yields depending on the token-share:

- On Demand — 0.75–7.5% per week
- 14 days — 1.25–12.5% per week
- 30 days — 1.75–17.5% per week
- 90 days — 2.00–20% per week
- 180 days — 2.50–25% per week

Weekly dividends are paid every Tuesday.

You can lock your tokens in the QADSAN wallet, in the LOCKER tab. To do this, you need to choose a locking period with the corresponding yield, which is higher the longer the period for which you lock your tokens.

Why lock QADSAN?

All participants who lock their tokens within 30 days of the news release for a period of 6 months will receive a one-time missed dividend at a rate of 1.25% (total of 7.5% on 6 token-shares). For the locking period, you will be able to borrow interest-free with any token-shares equal to 50% of the locked tokens, which will also generate high income for you.*

There is currently no interest on the loan (it is zero). You pay back exactly what you take out.

More information will be released soon…

How does locking work?

Locking QADSAN tokens all takes place at the protocol level on Stellar. When you use the tool above, a claimable balance is created and sent back to yourself. Only you can reclaim the locked QADSAN balance after the time you select passes.

Is locking QADSAN safe?

Locking QADSAN tokens is completely safe when using this tool. QADSAN is securely locked into the Stellar blockchain, with only the sending wallet able to reclaim the tokens at a later time.

Lock QADSAN tokens and Get High Returns!

*Please note that yields on token-shares are not guaranteed. All transactions are conducted at your own risk.”




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