Unique Promotion: Up to 100% Bonuses with QADSAN Token Staking

2 min readJan 17, 2024

Dear QADSAN token holders,

We are delighted to announce that, as part of the promotion of our staking program, all participants staked QADSAN tokens will be rewarded with bonuses in the form of additional QADSAN tokens, proportional to their staking amounts:

- 30 days — 10%
- 90 days — 15%
- 180 days — 25%
- 365 days — 50%

Weekly dividends in the form of token-shares from gaming companies 1–7 will be paid on the bonus amount.

Furthermore, starting from this announcement, a unique promotion begins: 100% bonuses with QADSAN token staking.

Promotion Terms:

By purchasing QADSAN tokens with Matic or USDT on Uniswap or through the qadsan.app wallet (COMING SOON) and staking them, you will receive bonuses in QADSAN tokens ranging from 20% to 100%, depending on the staking period. Bonus QADSAN tokens will be added to your staking amount. The duration of the bonus staking varies from 1 to 12 months.

Bonus Sizes:

- 30 days — 20%
- 90 days — 30%
- 180 days — 50%
- 365 days — 100%

How It Works:

1. Purchase QADSAN tokens on Uniswap with USDT or Matic, or use the qadsan.app wallet (COMING SOON), selecting any available cryptocurrency as the payment method.

2. Stake QADSAN tokens for your selected period by filling out the form on the “Staking” page in your dashboard.

3. Receive bonuses in QADSAN tokens based on the amount you’ve staked, according to the chosen period.

4. Enjoy weekly dividends throughout the staking period.

5. Upon completion of the staking period, withdraw your QADSAN tokens from staking along with the accrued bonus.

Information about your staking amount and received bonuses can be viewed in the “Staking” tab of your personal dashboard.

This promotion provides a unique opportunity to increase your income and participate more profitably in our project. Don’t miss the chance to enhance your staking experience with QADSAN!

For faster bonus crediting, you can send a screenshot with the QADSAN token staking amount to our Telegram group, along with your main address (Optional).

Best regards, QADSAN




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