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Rewards is credited to the participant’s bounty wallet with a monthly withdrawal of 10% of the wallet balance.

1. You can participate in the QADSAN Bounty program with only 1 social network account. One person — one social media account.

2. Repost our news on your social networks (repost+like+comment):

  • Each day you can publish 1 repost from our groups in your social networks, one repost per news. The second repost of the same news is not paid. If there are no old news and if you have already reposted everything, please do not send it again. Wait until the new news is published;
  • You need to do exactly a repost, not an ordinary post with a copy of the text inserted from our groups;
  • Your social network profiles must be public (open to all), and your friends list must also be accessible to all;
  • Reposts must be made via the “Share in News Feed” button;
  • The original publication must be included if it is in the post (news);
    Paid for news reposts no later than 90 days after publication date.

    3. Publish your posts with screenshots of accruals about our promotions in your social networks.
    You will be paid for the screenshots published not later than 5 days after the payment date. Every screenshot will be paid only once!

    4. Leave your comments with screenshots of our promo-actions under our news in the social networks.
    E.g. if our charging news is published on the 21st of January, you have to leave comment with screenshot of your charging from the 21st of January. Only one comment with a screenshot is paid!

    5. Write a comment under our news and “Clap” on Medium and you’ll get 10,000 QADSAN tokens for your comment (you don’t have to share in social networks).
    In the chat, you have to drop a link to your comment. Comment under our article only once. The second comment is not paid.

    6. For posting your own affiliate links on your social networks — 10,000 QADSAN.

    7. Rewards for: avatar in Telegram, avatars and covers in the social networks Facebook, Twitter, VK — 10 000 QADSAN tokens.

    You must have more than 50 friends in the social network.

    You must open a trust line for QADSAN token in your Bounty Wallet to receive payouts (only for Stellar network).

    Reporting links should be sent to QADSAN Telegram group.

    Your link in your account in the social network must remain at least 14 days.
    If you violate this rule, you will be permanently banned.

    Checking reports up to 14 days.


    If you have:

    - 50 to 99 friends, you will receive 10 000 QADSAN for reposting

    - 100 to 199 friends20 000 QADSAN for a repost;

    - 200 to 1000 friends30 000 QADSAN for a repost;

    - more than 1000 friends50 000 QADSAN for a repost.

    If you have less than 50 friends in your social network, please do not send links.

    Subscribe to our social groups and start earning!

    Our Bounty signatures:

    Attention: Be sure to specify your Bounty wallet in your QADSAN profile.

Good Luck to Everyone and Thank You For Being With Us! 🤝

Participate in the Bounty program and Earn More QADSAN !💵💵💵

P.S. QADSAN reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.




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